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PlayReady 4.0+ Test Content

This section contains a collection of test content that can be used to validate some PlayReady 4.X scenarios, for example using CBCS encryption.

Note: some of the test content listed below was created long ago and includes a default LA_URL in their PlayReady Header which no longer exist.
We recommend that you use this test content with a specific LA_URL that you set in your client app, instead of relying on the default value. In general, the following LA_URL should be fine for most of the content listed below:
LA_URL =,sl:150)

DescriptionH264/AAC CENC CBCS with video and audio protected
Tool chainApple toolset - 16-byte IV (16-byte = 128-bit Initialization Vector) - The Apple toolset contains a bug that lets the KID value in the moov.trak.mdia.minf.stbl.stsd.encv.sinf.tenc box set to 0, where it should be equal to the value set in the manifest according to the DASH CENC spec
Creation Date01 September 2017
Video Encoding SettingsH.264
Audio Encoding SettingsAAC 2-channels
Encryption SettingsCENC CBCS with 16-byte IV - KID = AAAAEAAQABAQABAAAAAAAQ== - Content Key = W31bfVt9W31bfVt9W31bfQ== - Video track is encrypted with a CBCS 1:9 pattern - Audio track is fully encrypted, (crypt_byte_block = skip_byte_block = 0) following the ISO/IEC 23001-7:2015(E) recommendation section 10.4.2
Video KID{10000000-1000-1000-1000-100000000001}
Audio KID{10000000-1000-1000-1000-100000000001}
Multi DRMFalse
PlayReady WRMHEADER4.3
LA URL,ck:W31bfVt9W31bfVt9W31bfQ==,ckt:aescbc)
MP4 CENC CBCS (clear)
MPEG-DASH (protected)
HLS (protected)

DescriptionFragmented MP4 file with a VP9 video track encrypted with CENC (CTR mode)
Tool chain-
Creation Date01 October 2017
Video Encoding SettingsVP9
Audio Encoding Settings-
Encryption SettingsCENC CTR - Use the license server URL specified below
Video KID{00000000-03fc-eacd-0000-000000000000}
Multi DRMTrue
PlayReady WRMHEADER4.0
LA URL,kid:00000000-03FC-EACD-0000-000000000000)
MP4 CENC CTR (protected)