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Welcome to the PlayReady Test Server
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This website and the associated resources include documentation and test tools for PlayReady developers to test their products. It is developed and maintained by the Microsoft PlayReady Team. Whether you are a PlayReady licensee or a non-licensee, an OEM, SOC vendor, a client developer, an application developer, an encoder vendor, a service developer, we provide you on this website the following tools:

Content and licenses delivered from this website are public and do not provide the level of security required for a production service. Do not use these resources in production.

What is new

November 29, 2018 - Added Login for licensed users

Users from companies with an active PlayReady licensing agreement can now log in this portal and access additional documentation and tools:

December 20th, 2017 - New Support Website

We are moving from the Microsoft Connect Portal to the newer Microsoft Collaborate Portal to provide technical support to licensed companies.

October 23rd, 2017 - Update to PlayReady 4.0

PlayReady 4.0 has been released in October 2017, and adds support for AESCBC content keys, in addition to adding the Secure Delete feature.
This website has been updated to support these new features:

March 15th, 2017 - Migration of the old test servers

During 2017, we are migrating the old test servers and services to a new collection of servers and resources.

Server Change
Old server from 2010:
will be moved to Azure on May 15, 2017. The transition will be seamless for users, although its IP address will change.
This server will continue to function as before but no longer have any enhancements.
We recommend that developers gradually migrate their applications to the new 2017 test server, and that all new application or tools developments use that new server.
Old server from 2015: and
will be redirected to the new 2017 test server on Dec 31, 2017.
New server from 2017:
was introduced in February 2017 and is hosted in Azure.
Provides an enhanced test coverage for PlayReady clients, devices and applications:
- Coverage of PlayReady WRMHEADER 4.2 with multiple keys per asset
- Extended coverage of PlayReady 3 policies
- Coverage of Server exceptions
- Additional test content
- More to come
For all new developments, use the enhanced resources listed on this server (HTTP and HTTPS supported).

Actions to take for application, device and client developers before December 2017

Old URL Required migration action* Replace with** Replace with** Replace with** Replace with** (PYV, PYA files) PYV and PYA files previously available on the old test server are no longer available.
Our telemetry indicates that they are no longer used by anyone in January 2017.* (other paths) Custom test cases created in the past continue to respond the same way as before. It is no longer possible however to create new custom test cases.
If you need to create new custom test cases, please use the parametric test service now available from with parameters in the query string as described at License Server.

Old URL Recommended migration action* (other paths) Use enhanced resources listed on the new 2017 test server*
Use enhanced resources listed on the new 2017 test server
Use with the same parameters or using the new query string syntax*
Use enhanced resources listed on the new 2017 test server
Use with the same parameters or using the new query string syntax* (PYV, PYA files) Do not do PYV/PYA file testing anymore using our public test servers.* (other paths) Use the parametric test service from the new 2017 test server available from with parameters in the query string as described at License Server.
It provides enhanced test capabilities.* Use enhanced resources listed on the new 2017 test server* (other paths) Replace with* Use Use* Use enhanced resources listed on

March 10th, 2017 - Add test coverage of Server exceptions

We have added a new parameter to the test license server that allows clients to programmatically trigger server exceptions. Client developers can use these commands to test how their client devices or applications react when they receive an exception from a license server when they expect a license response. Examples include testing how a device reacts when it is revoked.

See the full documentation Testing Server Exceptions.

March 1st, 2017 - Full test coverage of Output Protections

We have put together a table summarizing all the PlayReady supported Output Protections. This table allows client developers (OEMs) to request licenses with all sorts of combinations of output protections and verify that their device behaves as expected.

See the full documentation Testing Output Protections.

February 15th, 2017 - Query String Syntax

We have developed a new syntax for clients using the test license service.

This new syntax fully supports PlayReady 3.0 and above. It allows requesting clients receive licenses for content with a WRMHEADER 4.2 (content encrypted with different keys for different tracks), or with a Security Level of 3000.

In addition, this new syntax is more handy because it does not include reserved characters (e.g. '&') and can more easily be embedded in a XML, or in a WRMHEADER object.


See the full documentation Query String Syntax.

February 1st, 2017 - Release

The test server hosted on is released and aims at replacing the previous test servers. This server is now hosted in Azure and provides a unparalleled performance and reliability.